Trembita Performing Arts School

The Trembita Performing Arts School is situated at Edmonton’s Ukrainian Centre, and is open to all children age three years and up. We offer classes in dance, visual arts and choir. Our curriculum includes not only Ukrainian Dance but ballet barre and centre as well, which serve as a preparatory base for children’s dance. As well as performing at a number of events in the Ukrainian Centre itself, our children are regularly invited to perform at the Ukrainian Village and other venues. Instructors of the Trembita Arts School are highly trained and experienced in their art, having studied with some of the finest Ukrainian instructors in Canada and Ukraine.

The 2021-22 Arts School Program begins in early September with dance classes for four groups: Tiny Tots, ages 3-4; Zaychyky, ages 5-7; Kalyna, ages 8 and up; and Lileya, ages 13 and up. For more information, click on 2020-2021 Dance School Registration.

You are encouraged to register your children as soon as possible, as space will be limited. For further information, or to enrol your children, call us at 780-554-9735. Or e-mail us at You are also welcome to drop into our Ukrainian Centre at 11018 – 97 St., Edmonton. 

The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (AUUC)

The Trembita Arts School and concerts such ‘Tak Bulo” have a history that goes back many decades, during which cultural and educational  events have been hosted by Branch #2 of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (AUUC), Canada’s longest-standing national ethnic organization. After serving the needs of several generations of Ukrainian-Canadians in the Edmonton area, AUUC Branch #2 is opening its doors to other ethnic and progressive groups that share our objectives and wish to contribute to our programs. Join us!

Adult Programs

AUUC Branch #2 sponsors a number of programs and activities for its adult members – and there is always opportunity to add more. We currently have an adult Trembita Mixed Choir, to which we may add a small orchestra if there is sufficient interest. In addition to such regularly scheduled events as the annual Christmas Concert, Ukrainian New Years’ Eve (Malanka), a Family Night, and an end-of-year event, we enjoy occasional get-togethers, educational programs, and other gatherings. As well, other organizations schedule events at our Centre, which may be of interest to you.


You are invited to take part in Branch #2 activities, and if interested, to become members of our Association. We particularly welcome parents of Dance School children to get involved and to sign up as members. Not only will you enjoy the friendship and excitement of events organized by our Branch. You will have opportunity to volunteer and assist us in various ways. You will also be eligible for a discount on dance class fees, as well as on some ticket prices. Membership fees are listed under the Registration tab.


All important information regarding the Trembita Arts School will be sent by e-mail, as well as being available in a regular Branch Two Update. Please ensure, therefore, that we have your current email address. As well, add our address to your contact list.

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